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Analysis of Risk Deriving From Distraction for State Transit Authority NSW Bus Drivers

Young, K., Regan, M. & Salmon, P. M.


Project: Research

Analysis of Stability in Care Audit

Forbes, C.


Project: Research

Analysis of the impact of South African Higher Education on the economy

Giesecke, J.


Project: Research

Analysis of Victorian road toll

Johnston, I. & Cameron, M.


Project: Research

Analysis of Waste Water Samples and Treatment Optimisation

Tabor, R. & Butler, C.


Project: Research

Analysis on registered duck shooters

Arunachalam, D. & Healy, E.


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Analytics Block to identify students at risk of disengaging

Dawson, P., Apperley, T., Bailey, N., Carbone, A., Halilovich, H., Nelson, R., Pratt, K., Spencer, E. & van der Meer, J.

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An assessment of late night alcohol restrictions in Queensland

Miller, P., Coomber, K., Clough, A., Ferris, J., Chikritzhs, T., Kypri, K., Lloyd, B., Livingston, M., Najman, J. M., Thorn, M., Crane, M., O'Neill, B. & Matthews, S.


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