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BSN Research visit grant

Lockie, S. & Clarke, R.


Project: Other

Dose parameters in Achilles tendinopathy rehabilitation

Malliaras, P., Haines, T., Vicenzino, B., Munteanu, S., Hasani, F. N. M. & Schoch, P.


Project: Research

Training the vulnerable teen brain

Cornish, K. & Kirk, H.


Project: Research

PTC: Pressing the Climate - Community Newspapers as Climate Educators

Holmes, D., Rogers, B., Morrow, T., Maibach, E., Gallant, A., Hall, S. & Placky, B. W.


Project: Research

Genetic Analysis of Mallee Emu-wrens Part 1

Clarke, R. & Mitchell, W. F.


Project: Research

Genetic Analysis of Mallee Emu-wrens Part 2

Clarke, R. & Mitchell, W. F.


Project: Research

Improving survival in myelofibrosis

Perkins, A., Ross, D., Lane, S., Forsyth, C., Wei, A., Curtis, D., Shortt, J., Erber, W. N. & Stevenson, W. S.

Department of Health (Comm)


Project: Research

QLICKSMART Produce Comparison Research Project

Flynn, D., Hwang, I. D. & Potter, E.


Project: Research

High resolution structural determination of pathogenic flaviviruses by cryo-EM using a chimeric platform

Watterson, D., Hobson-Peters, J., Coulibaly, F., Hall, R. & Young, P.


Project: Research

Translating membrane proteins into therapeutics; from bedside to bench

Sexton, P., Christopoulos, A., Pantelis, C. & Parton, R. G.


Project: Research

Assessing VAD: A new direction in end of life care? Assessing the impact and consequences of the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Act

Komesaroff, P., Philip, J., Kerridge, I., Gillam, L., Stewart, C., Hudson, P., Holmes, A. C., Olver, I. N., White, B. & Lewis, S.


Project: Research

SOMA: Surgical or medical treatment of Endometrioma – SOMA trial

Maas, J. W. M., Mol, B., Zwaveling, J. H. & Mijatovic, V.


Project: Research