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Curatorial Research & Development of exUrbanScreens 2013

Dziekan, V. & Perkins, M. J.


Project: Research

Referral and Support Research Project

Howie, L., Andre, V., Bouma, G., Harris-Hogan, S. & Moss, S.


Project: Research

Confocal microscope for high-resolution microtopographic analysis of surfaces in historical, forensic and polymer sciences

Evans, A., Ellis, A., Kaidonis, J., Lee, M., Leterme, S., Linacre, A., Louys, J., Popelka-Filcoff, R., Price, G., Prideaux, G., Ranjitkar, S., Townsend, G., Travouillon, K., Webb, G., Hutchinson, M. & Walshe, K.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

BCL-XL antagonists based on α-helix mimicry for cancer therapy

Newbegin, T. W., Duggan, P., Lessene, G., Meyer, A. & Tuck, K.


Project: Research

Congestion control of networks: A unified stochastic framework

Andrew, L., Nazarathy, Y., Vu, H., Low, S. & Mandjes, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Enhancing systems biology in Victoria

Boyd, S.


Project: Research

National Registry for Multiple Myeloma

Wood, E.


Project: Research

Bridging the gap: addressing refugee inequalities through primary health care reform

Wallace, E., Biro, M., Brown, S. J., Casey, S., Cheng, I., Coory, M., East, C., Furler, J., Goldfield, S., Richardson, S., Riggs, E., Small, R., Szwarc, J., Teale, G., Willey, S. & Yelland, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Greening employees: Strategies practices attitudes and barriers

Rayner, J.


Project: Research


Clancy, P.

Australia Council for the Arts


Project: Research

Baw Baw Community Planning Pilot Evaluation

Duffy, M.


Project: Research