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Exploring innovations in Transition to adulthood (EXIT Study)

Currie, G., Swan, J., Singh, S., Johnson, R., Munro, E., Kaner, E., McGovern, R., Skouteris, H. & Simkiss, D.


Project: Research

LightCycler 480 II Block Kit

Simmons, C.


Project: Research

De-risking new surfactant and polymer classes in personal care formulations

Dagastine, R., Ainger, N., Tabor, R., Prescott, S. W., Cook, J. & Starck, P.


Project: Research

The Living Lab: Designing the Future of Aged Care

Clark, S., Flynn, D., Joe, K., Pink, S. & McCormack, J.

Cabrini Health


Project: Research

Next Generation Cell Therapies for Cancer

Tiganis, T., Huntington, N., Darcy, P., Zhang, Z., Cursons, J. & Vivier, E.


Project: Research

Improving Melanoma and Skin Cancer awareness in regional and rural Australia

Mar, V., Shackleton, M., Fogarty, G., Joshua, A. M., Cust, A., Janda, M., Milne, D., Chong, A. H. & Paton, E.


Project: Research

Tasman Tomorrow

Brewin, R.

Tasman Council


Project: Research