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Problem Gambling in People Seeking Treatment for Mental Illness

Lubman, D., Dowling, N. A., Kulkarni, J., Manning, V., Lee, S., Rodda, S., Volberg, R. A. & Cosic, S.


Project: Research

CEI Umbrella: Save the Children Australia Research projects

Shlonsky, A. & Kelly, F. D.


Project: Research


Shlonsky, A. & Morris , N.


Project: Research

TreeLines (Stage1)

Martin, B. & von Sturmer, D.


Project: Research

Building Clinical Placement Capacity through IPE

McCall, L., Barnett, A., Burley, M., Chesters, J. & Williams, B.


Project: Research

Super-AGB Stars: the Missing Link?

Lattanzio, J., Gil Pons, M. & Siess, L.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

To step-in or to stand-by: Third party responses to abusive supervision

Kiazad, K., Restubog, S., Aquino, K., Scott, K. & Zagenczyk, T.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Episodic estuarine hypoxia: resolving the geochemistry of coastal floodplain blackwaters

Wong, V., Burton, E., Bush, R., Johnston, S., Rose, A., Sullivan, L. & Wood, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


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DIAAMOND: Diagnosis of aplastic anaemia, management, and outcomes from a national dataset

Wood, E., Ting, S., McQuilten, Z., Szer, J., Hiwase, D. K., McNeil, J., Lacaze, P., Blombery, P. A., Mills, A., Heritier, S., Fox, L., Firkin, F. & Higgins, L.


Project: Research

Novel therapeutic strategies for high grade glioma

Van Sinderen, M. & Johns, T.

Victorian Cancer Agency


Project: Research

Targeted therapy and Stem cell for DIPG

Donoghue, J., Johns, T. & Manuelpillai, U.

The Cure Starts Now Foundation


Project: Research

The use and promotion of alcohol in Victorian secondary schools

Ward, B., Buykx, P., Housdorf, K. & Wiggers, J.


Project: Research

Collaborative facility for high resolution fabrication, imaging, and characterisation for nanostructured materials

Etheridge, J., Abbott, D., Bhargava, S., Bhaskaran, M., Bilek, M., Caruso, R., Cheng, Y., Friend, J., Fumeaux, C., Funston, A., Juodkazis, S., Kuhlmey, B., Lapine, M., McArthur, S., McCulloch, D. G., Mulvaney, P., Prawer, S., Tachibana, Y. & Weinberg, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research