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Use of context information in data engineering for pervasive computing

Zaslavsky, A. & Pitoura, E.


Project: Research

Use of Driving Simulator for Project, Developing Vehicle Based Advanced Warning Counter Measures for Driver Fatigue

Tomasevic, N., Young, K., Regan, M. & Mitsopoulos-Rubens, E.


Project: Research

Use of manual speed alerting & cruise control devices by NSW drivers

Regan, M.


Project: Research

Use of Simulated Learning Environments (SLEs) in Medical Curriculum Project

Jolly, B., Bearman, M., Brooks, P. M., Flanagan, B., McMenamin, C., Nestel, D., Sutton, B. & Watson, M.


Project: Research

Use of smoking cessation sites on the internet

Anderson, J.


Project: Research

User Interface for Fire Weather Dataset

Harris, S. & Brown, T.


Project: Research

Using data linkage to reduce avoidable hospitalisation

Mazza, D., Turner, L., Wood, C., Weerasuriya, R., Weldon, P. & Loh, E.

Australian Government Department of Health


Project: Research

Using digital health to improve sexual and reproductive health literacy and service utilisation (SRH care) for LGBTQI+ refugee populations in Africa

Boyle, J., Hounsell, B., Bartlett, R., Huynh, K., Smith, J., Usmani, S., Charnock, J. & Goube, J.



Project: Research

Using healthcare wisely: Reducing inappropriate use of tests and treatments

Glaziou, P., Buchbinder, R., Maher, C. G. & McCaffery, K.


Project: Research