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An elemental hypothesis for sub-tropical refugee in reef corals

Reef, R., Pandolfi, J. & Lovelock, C.


Project: Research

An Empirical Examination of Non-Market Capitalisation Weighted Indices in Australia

Dempsey, M., Faff, R., Lajbcygier, P., Shi, T., Veeraraghavan, M., Irlicht, L. & de Bever, L.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Victorian Funds Management Corporation


Project: Research

A network of sites and ‘up-skilled’ therapists to deliver best practice stroke rehabilitation of the upper limb.

Carey, L. M., Nilsson, M., Thijs, V., Cadilhac, D., Lannin, N., Hillier, S. L., Donnan, G., Morris, M. E., Churilov, L., Walker, M. & Cloud, G.


Project: Research

An evaluation of a juvenile justice health promotion program

Hasking, P. & Coloca, L.

Windermere Foundation Ltd


Project: Research

An Evaluation of Electronic Care Plans

Shakibei, E., McLoughlin, I., Sohal, A., O'Neill, P. & Bingham, G.

Alfred Health


Project: Research

An Evaluation of the Early Years Literacy Program

Fleer, M., Long, M., North, S., Ohi, S. L., Power, K. & Williams, J.


Project: Research

An evaluation of the Extended Curriculum Program at MGGS

Kronborg, L. & Plunkett, M. M.


Project: Research

An evaluation of the implementation of primary mental health team in Gippsland region

Oakley Browne, M., Piterman, H., Chaterjee, S., Chesters, J., Monash, D., Piterman, L., Prabhu, V. & Pryce, A.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research

An evaluation of the introduction of mandatory desexing by Councils

Marston, L. C.


Project: Research

A New Anti-Diabetes Drug as a Novel Therapy for Ovarian Cancer

Plebanski, M., Stephens, A., Oehler, M. & Gorrell, M.


Project: Research

A new approach to compressed sensing

Horsley, D., Bryant, D. & Colbourn, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research