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Incident and injury matched dataset: Data linkage project

Muir, C., Newstead, S., D'Elia, A., Smith, K. L., Gabbe, B., Cleland, H., Bourne, M. & Gilbert, J.


Project: Research

Inclusion through the Digital Economy

Watson, P., Papagiannidis, S., Li, F., Arnott, J., Blythe, P., Van Moorsel, A., Tanaka, A., Richardson, R., Reed, C., Hanson, V., Norman, S. J., Gregor, P., Bowers, J., Olivier, P. & Wright, P.


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Inclusive Economies and Enduring Peace: The Transformative Role of Social Reproduction

True, J., Gunawardana, S., Johnston, M., Rai, S., Pratt, N., Elias, J. & Lingham, J.


Project: Research

Inclusive Leisure Evaluation Project

Joyce, A.


Project: Research

Income inequality and corporate decisions

Xia, Y.


Project: Research

Increase Autumn and Winter Production of Goat Milk

Cameron, S.

AgriFutures Australia


Project: Research

Increasing community pharmacy involvement in the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Stewart, K., George, J. & McNamara, K.


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Independent review of Towards Zero HMI Distraction Guidelines

Horberry, T. & Young, K.


Project: Research

In-depth crash investigation study

Fildes, B. & Logan, D.


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