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Aging Lungs in European Cohorts

Dharmage, S. C., Mishra, G. D., Abramson, M., Gurrin, L. C., Matheson, M. C., Walters, E. H., Hopper, J. L. & Lowe, A. J.


Project: Research

A Global Fireball Observatory

Bland, P., Ireland, T. R., Rushmer, T., Horner, J., Tomkins, A., Macquart, J., Chennaoui, H., Collins, G., Brown, P., Jenniskens, P., Herd, C., Swindle, T. & Pendleton, Y.


Project: Other

A global view of thermonuclear bursts

Galloway, D.


Project: Research

Agreement with KUSP Ltd

Kendall, E.


Project: Research

Agreement with MicroTouch for 'Touch Screen Technology in Kindergartens and Infant Classrooms'

Romeo, G., McNamara, S. & Ziguras, C.


Project: Research

A Health Economic Analysis of Three Pathways of Mental Health Care

Richards, J.


Project: Research

A high throughput Grid based environment for real time bio-medical imaging

Abramson, D., Enticott, C. M., Harper, I., Lackmann, M., Scheck, S. & Zapf, T.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Leica Microsystems, Monash University


Project: Research

A History of Australasian Philosophy

Trakakis, N. & Oppy, G.

Myer Foundation & Sidney Myer Fund


Project: Research

A history of press photography in Australia

Gawenda, M., Young, S., Anderson, F. & Darian-Smith, K.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

A History of the Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda

Aykut, S. & Hook, J.


Project: Research

A human factors approach to the design of visual information in the highway environment

Horberry, T., Burmester, A., Horswill, M., Marrington, S., Pachana, N. A., Regan, M. & Wallis, G.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Queensland Department of Main Roads


Project: Research

AINSE PGRA Award -- Luke Giles

Giles, L., Tabor, R. & Campo, L. D.


Project: Research

AINSE Posgraduate Research Scholarship - Gregory Stuart Hall

Hall, G. S.


Project: Research

AIPEC-Gender Inequality in Female Labour Force Participation (FPLP)

Cameron, L.


Project: Research