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Centre of Research Excellence in Prehospital Emergency Care

Cameron, P., Arendts, G., Bernard, S., Bray, J., Fatovich, D. M., Finn, J., Grantham, H., Perkins, G., Smith, K. L. & Stub, D.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

An Evaluation of the Early Years Literacy Program

Fleer, M., Long, M., North, S., Ohi, S. L., Power, K. & Williams, J.


Project: Research

TransDermal Delivery Project

Pouton, C. & White, P.


Project: Research

High Performing Healthcare Organisations

Brand, C.


Project: Research

GILZ in human RA

Leech, M. & Beaulieu, E.

Arthritis Australia


Project: Research

Social Policy Research and Evaluation Panel

Appo, D., Arunachalam, D., Bardoel, A., Batagol, B., Birrell, R., Bouma, G., Bradley, J., Browning, C., Collins, F., Crinall, K., Cuthbert, D., Fleer, M., Hanley, G., Harrison, M., Hyndman, R., Kelly, P., Lacono, T., Lindsay, J., Maitra, P., McLean, K., Middleton, S., Morse, C., Nyland, C. & Wulff, M.


Project: Research

P6379 - Exploring the native structure of Pickering latex particles

Tabor, R. & Shiraz, H.


Project: Research

Adolescent Girls in Protracted Emergencies: Lake Chad crisis

Gordon, E. & Phillips, S.


Project: Research

Echuca Moama Homelessness Project

Roberts, S. & Arunachalam, D.


Project: Research