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Single molecule imaging laboratory

Whisstock, J., Abbey, B., Boecking, T., Braet, F., Eyre, N., Gaus, K., Godfrey, D., Goldys, E., Grau, G. E., Hatters, D., Heath, W., Hertzog, P., Johnson, M., King, N., Lee, L., Meunier, F., Quiney, H. M., Russell, S., Yap, A. & van Oijen, A.


Project: Research

AusStage, Phase 5: Australia live performance and the world - global network, national culture, aesthetic transmission

Casey, M., Bollen, J., Eckersall, P., Erskine, S., Fensham, R. S., Hassall, N., Holledge, J., Kelly, V., Meyrick, J., Roddick, J., Tompkins, J. & Varney, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Kunshan Studio

Jung, M., Cassaignau, M. & Shinkfield, J.


Project: Research

Fighting infection: exploiting host-pathogen interactions

Lithgow, T., Hartland, E. L., Stow, J., Strugnell, R. A. & Teasdale, R. D.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Novel click assembled drug-polymer conjugates as next generation drug delivery systems

Prankerd, R., Blencowe, A., Gurr, P., Qiao, G., Donohue, A. C. & Tait, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC), PolyActiva Pty Ltd


Project: Research

The Memorial Project

Temin, K.

Besen Family Foundation


Project: Research

Monash-Hastings Literacy Partnership Project

Chapman, D., Ortlieb, E. & Rennie, J.


Project: Research

Violence in Italian Popular Culture

Scarparo, S.

Fondazione Cassamarca


Project: Research