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Hypoxia is the common pathway to renal failure

Evans, R., Bertram, J., Gardiner, B., Schlaich, M., Smith, D. & Phillips, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Mentoring Matters

Riley, P.


Project: Research

Improving the awareness, understanding and management of concussion in community sport

Finch, C. F., Clapperton, A., Davis, G., Diamantopoulou, K., Emery, C., Ewing, M., Grant, C., Makdissi, M., McCrory, P., Meuwisse, W., Newton, J., Seward, H. & Sullivan, J.

Sport and Recreation Victoria


Project: Research

Oral Health Program: Priority Populations Service Review

Oldroyd, J.


Project: Research

Building capacity to assist dual disability clients through mental health service

Thomas, S., Daffern, M. & Sullivan, D.


Project: Research

Evaluation of benefits of a new SRIP-type program for Victoria using the METS model

Corben, B., Healy, D. & Logan, D.


Project: Research

Baw Baw Quality of Life in: Participation and Community Involvement

Duffy, M., Chia, J. & Wood, P.


Project: Research

ASPREE Healthy Ageing Biobank

McNeil, J., Abhayaratna, W., Ames, D., Gibbs, P., Lockett, T., Nelson, M., Reid, C., Szoeke, C., Woods, R., Burgess, A. & Masters, C.

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


Project: Research

Mood and Contraception

Kulkarni, J. & Metcalfe, S.

Victorian Metropolitan Alliance


Project: Research

AINSE Posgraduate Research Scholarship - Gregory Stuart Hall

Hall, G. S.


Project: Research

Mechanisms of abitaterone resistance inprostate cancer

Risbridger, G., Davis, I., Mainwaring, P., Nelson, C. & Taylor, R.

Cancer Australia


Project: Research

Modelling of East West Link Melbourne Project

Wittwer, G.


Project: Research

Evaluation of speed limit reductions on travel times on local roads

Corben, B., Healy, D. & Hoareau, E.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)


Project: Research