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Towards a culture of scholarly practice in 'mixed sector' institutions

Seddon, T.


Project: Research

Return to Work and Recovery

Oxley, J. & Alavi, S. H.


Project: Research

Safety risk assessment of cycling in dedicated bus lanes

Johnson, M., Candappa, N. L., Logan, D. & Oxley, J.


Project: Research

The molecular dynamics and imaging of Eph receptor-guided cell positioning in tissue assembly

Lackmann, M., Bastiaens, P., Neel, B. & Pawson, T. J.

Human Frontiers Science Program


Project: Research

Human Rights Education in Schools

Gerber, P.


Project: Research

A scalable development environment for peta-scale computing

Abramson, D., Frings, W., Roberts, R. & Smith, J.

United States Department of Energy


Project: Research

Extension of randomised controlled trial of MoodCare: Managing co-morbid depression after acute coronary syndrome

Oldenburg, B., Atherton, J., Hare, D., Hawkes, A., Hollingsworth, B., Jelinek, M., Sanderson, K. A. & Taylor, C. B.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research