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Colorectal cancer - molecular basis to targeted therapeutics

Lackmann, M., Burgess, A., Caruso, F., Ernst, M. R. W., Garrett, T., Heath, J., Ramsey, R., Scott, A. & Simpson, R. J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Determining the impacts of epigenetic modifying drugs on germline programming and offspring health

Western, P., Gardner, D., Adelson, D. L., Hill, R. & Ziegler, D.


Project: Research

Youth cohort: Improving Disability Employment Study (Y-IDES)

Milner, A., Kavanagh, A. M., Petrie, D., LaMontagne, A. D., Vaughan, C. & Mallett, S.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Curriculum Teaching and Learning Project (C-TALP)

Kennedy, A., Fritze, P., Margetts, K. & Webster, L.

University of Melbourne


Project: Research

When is hybridisation helpful or harmful to invaders?

Hodgins, K., Cousens, R. & Rieseberg, L.


Project: Research

Why is golden staph now causing serious disease in the community?

Seemann, T., Coombs, G., Howden, B. P. & Stinear, T.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


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Long-term impact of moderate and late preterm birth: effects on neurodevelopment, brain development and respiratory health at school age

Cheong, J. L. Y., Anderson, P., Thompson, D., Ranganthan, S., Spittle, A. J., Doyle, L. W., Clark, R. A. & Burnett, A.


Project: Research

'What's in That? Exploring Chemistry Through Virtual Reality'

Chalmers, D. & Tregloan, P.


Project: Research

Genealogies of digital light

Palmer, D., Cubitt, S. & Walkling, L.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

ACAISA: Alcoholic Chlorhexidine Alcoholic Iodine Antisepsis Study

Choong, P. F. M., Peel, T., Cheng, A., Buising, K. L. & Dowsey, M.


Project: Research

Site-specific modification of proteins with radioactive technetium

Paterson, B. M.


Project: Research

The effects of consumer attitudes and behaviour on the pork industry

Coleman, G., Barnett, J., Hay, M. & Hemsworth, P.

Australian Pork


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Preventing falls and improving mobility in people with Parkinson's disease

Watts, J., Huxham, F., Iansek, R., McGinley, J. L., Menz, H., Morris, M. & Murphy, A.

Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research


Project: Research

Defining the Molecular Mechanisms of Lyssavirus Replication and Immune Evasion: the P protein Axis

Moseley, G., Gooley, P. R., Williams, S. J. & Bourhy, H.


Project: Research

Does listening to self-selected music during pulmonary rehabilitation enhance clinical outcomes?

Lee, A., Brooks, D., Tamplin, J. & Clark, I.


Project: Research

CTREC: Challenging targets in rare earth metal-organic chemistry

Junk, P. C., Deacon, G. & Jaroschik, F.


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