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Resource Smart AuSSI Vic Research Project

Rickinson, M., Goold, L., Hall, M., Payne, P. & Reid, A.


Project: Research

Mapping the dark matter with early type galaxies

Brown, M., Davis, T., Jones, H., Mould, J., Webster, R., Colless, M., Hopkins, A., Lucey, J. & Peacock, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Nursing Students' Anxiety in Clinical Placement

Lau, R., McKenna, L., Willetts, G., Lam, L. & Buttigieg, H.


Project: Research

2014-2015 ACRS Corporate Research Partnership (A)

Sands, S. J.


Project: Research

MyPLACE: Mobility and PLace for the Age-friendly City Environment

Wright, P., Blythe, M., Ploetz, T., Jarvis, H., Townsend, T., Dalton, R., Brittain, K., Degnen, C., Gilroy, R., Olivier, P. & Corner, L.


Project: Research

Problem Gambling in People Seeking Treatment for Mental Illness

Lubman, D., Dowling, N. A., Kulkarni, J., Manning, V., Lee, S., Rodda, S. N., Volberg, R. A. & Cosic, S.


Project: Research