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Activation of GDF9 regulates female fertility

Harrison, C., Gilchrist, R., McNatty, K. P. & Robertson, D.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


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Active use of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO-Active)

Moore, E., Ruseckaite, R., King, T., Klarica, D., Wood, E. & Spencer, A.


Project: Research

Acts of Faith: Performing Christianity in Southeast Asia

Peterson, W.

Monash University


Project: Research

ADAM metalloprotease inhibition for treatment of colorectal cancer

Janes, P., Nikolov, D. & Gan, H.


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Adapting and validating a tool to measure the supervisory relationship of GP supervisors

Kippen, R., Wallace, G., Bentley, M., Costello, S., Burns, J., Sampson, M., Morgan, S. & Warrington, A.


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Adaptive modeling of human responses in complex interaction

Gedeon, T. (., Takagi, H., Kacprzyk, J. & Dhall, A.


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Adding an electronic-cigarette to standard behavioural treatment for low-socioeconomic status smokers: A randomised trial.

Mattick, R., Courtney, R., Borland, R., Gartner, C., McRobbie, H. J., Petrie, D., Siahpush, M., Richmond, R., Shakeshaft, A. P. & Farrell, M. P.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Addressing Drug-Related Welfare and Curriculum Needs within Senior Secondary Settings

Harvey, D., Biro, P., Carr-Gregg, M., Gold, S., Gough, J., Hoult, G., Kupsch, T., Kupsch, M. & Rowlands, R.


Project: Research

Addressing financial inclusion in rural India: the role of information and peer pressure

Islam, A., Fafchamps, M. & Pakrashi, D.


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