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Systematic review of safe level of gluten

McDonald, S.


Project: Research


Nicholson, T.

Australian Print Workshop


Project: Research

Experiences of first year students in ICT courses: Best practices in teaching introductory programming in ICT courses

Sheard, J., Butler, M., Falkner, K., Morgan, M., Simon, .. & Weerasinghe, A.


Project: Research

Social Policy Research and Evaluation Panel

Appo, D., Arunachalam, D., Bardoel, A., Batagol, B., Birrell, R., Bouma, G., Bradley, J., Browning, C., Collins, F., Crinall, K., Cuthbert, D., Fleer, M., Hanley, G., Harrison, M., Hyndman, R., Kelly, P., Lacono, T., Lindsay, J., Maitra, P., McLean, K., Middleton, S., Morse, C., Nyland, C. & Wulff, M.


Project: Research

Postal health survey of surviving Korean war veterans

Sim, M., Barton, E. & Blackman, J.


Project: Research

Next Step: Australia-China collaboration grant

Modi, K.


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Chemical and Biological nanoarrays project

Hearn, M., Boysen, R., Harris, S., Mulvaney, P., Pigram, P. J., Roberts, B., Davis, T., Hanson, K., Hudson, P., Nicolau, D. & Sawant, P.


Project: Research

Anaerobe-mediated anticancer gene therapy

Rood, J.


Project: Research

Determining the impacts of epigenetic modifying drugs on germline programming and offspring health

Western, P., Gardner, D., Adelson, D. L., Hill, R. & Ziegler, D.


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