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Immunity and Ovarian Cancer

Plebanski, M. & Quinn, M.

Women's Cancer Foundation


Project: Research

World War 1: Leading Australian Women

Jordan, D.

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Centre for Research Excellence - Women’s Health in Reproductive life

Teede, H., Norman, R. J., Mishra, G. D., Boyle, J., Hart, R. J., Mol, B., Moran, L., Hickey, M., Laven, J. S. E. & Rodgers, R. J.


Project: Research

Learning to Discover Security Flaws in Stateful Programs

Boehme, M., Pham, T., Kapugamawasangamagedon, C. G. K. & Zeller, A.


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Integrative assessment of distrubance and land-use change on total greenhouse gas balance and nutrient cycling in savanna ecosystems

Beringer, J., Arndt, S., Hutley, L., Livesley, S., Butterbach-Bahl, K. & Cook, G.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Memo Review - Growth and Consolidation

Butler, R.


Project: Research

Improving perinatal outcomes.

Hooper, S., Davis, P., Wallace, E., Flemmer, A., Gill, A., McDougall, A., te Pas, A. B., Manley, B., Kamlin, C. O. F., Morley, C., Tingay, D., Polglase, G., Jenkin, G., Dawson, J., Crossley, K., Kerr, L. T., Doyle, L. W., Owen, L. S., Kitchen, M., Thio, M., Kluckow, M., Tolcos, M., Wallace, M., Lim, R., Harding, R., Boland, R., Hodges, R., Miller, S., Cole, T. & Moss, T.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Dog Bite Statistics - context of Victoria

Day, L. & Murdoch, K.


Project: Research

Learning Design Evaluation and Support

Loughran, J., Brubaker, N., Forgasz, R. & Radojevic-Terzic, V.


Project: Research

The Use of Equity Funding to Improve Outcomes

Burke, G., Ferrier, F., Kellock, P., O'Donovan, R. & Shah, C.


Project: Research

CTI-Monash Crew-Pairing Project

Wallace, M.


Project: Research

The Epistemology of Expertise and Humility

Simpson, R. M., Bin Abdul Rahman, S., Chadha, M., Daniels, P., Jones, T., Kendal, Y. S. K., Koplin, J. H. J., Oppy, G. & Silva Jr, P.

John Templeton Foundation - USA


Project: Research

An Australian Community Of practice in Research in Dementia (ACcORD) to improve health outcomes for people with dementia and their carers

Sanson-Fisher, R., Mazza, D., Koch, S., Doran, C., D'Este, C., Whitehead, C. & Eades, S.


Project: Research

Well-being at the Women's

Jack, G. & Riach, K.


Project: Research

Solving the Energy Waste Roadblock

Chaffee, A., Abrahams, B., Batten, S., Cole, M., Doonan, C., Hill, M., Kennedy, D., Kentish, S., Kepert, C., Ladewig, B., Peterson, V., Robson, R., Stride, J., Sumby, C., Thornton, A. & Turner, D.

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


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