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RESTORE - Individualised movement rehabilitation and movement sensor biofeedback for chronic, disabling low back pain

Kent, P., Hancock, M. J., O'Sullivan, P. B., Smith, A., Haines, T., Campbell, A. & McGregor, A.


Project: Research

Review OHS Certification system

Oxley, J., Alavi, S. H. & Day, L.


Project: Research

NHMRC CRE project support grant

Mousa, A. & Illesinghe, J.


Project: Research

Menkes disease research

Burke, R.


Project: Research

Enhancing the Monash-VIEPS Stable Isotope Facility

Cartwright, I., Bierlein, F., Buick, I., Gallagher, S., Grace, M., Read, J., Simmonds, I., Wallace, M. & Weaver, T.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University, University of Melbourne


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Women’s participation in sport and recreation in Melbourne's West: An action plan for change

Spaaij, R., Hanlon, C., Jeanes, R., Eime, R., McLachlan, F. & Oxford, S.

City of Wyndham


Project: Research

Polychip Pharma (Circadian) - WRJ

Jackson, R.

Polychip Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

30/08/01 → …

Project: Research

The Elmore Primary Health Service Evaluation Study

Kinsman, L., Buykx, P., Humphreys, J. & Tham, R.


Project: Research

Resource Management Algorithms and Software Systems for Green Computing

Andrew, L., Buyya, R. & Wierman, A.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Review of Competency Standards for the Enrolled Nurse

Cross, W., Endacott, R., Griffiths, D., McKenna, L., Moss, C., O'Connor, M., Taylor, B., Williams, A. & Wood, P.


Project: Research

Doveton Effect Project

Skouteris, H. & Bailey, C.


Project: Research

New Emulsifiers

Pas, E. & James, I.


Project: Research

BC-GRIP Mental Injury Prevention

Weaver, P. M., Kirk-Brown, A., Goodwin, D., Oxley, J. & Smith, L.


Project: Research

The Kids are Not Okay: Emergency department management of acute mental health crises in children and young people

Craig, S., Babl, F. E., Melvin, G., Lee, K. J., Anderson, V., Hiscock, H., Borschmann, R. D., Gordon, M., Borland, M. & Gray, K.

Department of Health (Comm)


Project: Research