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VRT: Training interpreters using contextualised, immersive, interactive Virtual Reality technology. 

Gerber, L., Wilson, R., Shepherd, I., McIntosh, P. & Avella Archila, A.


Project: Research

Training markets literature review

Anderson, D.


Project: Research

Training Retail Buyers in Negotiation Skills and Time Management

Marshall, T.


Project: Research

Training the vulnerable teen brain

Cornish, K. & Kirk, H.


Project: Research

Trajan Research Services Agreement with MacFarlane Group

Macfarlane, D., Chong, A. L. & Ranganathan, V.


Project: Research

Tramstop Passenger Safety

Corben, B.

28/05/02 → …

Project: Research

Tram to car collision safety investigation

Corben, B. & Candappa, N. L.


Project: Research

Transcription factors which regulate signalling through the Leptin-Melanocortin pathway

Whitelaw, M. L., Cowley, M. & Farooqi, I.


Project: Research

TransDermal Delivery Project

Pouton, C. & White, P.


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TRANSFORM: Accelerating sustainability entrepreneurship experiments in local spaces

Burch, S., Wiek, A., Basile, G., Frantzeskaki, N., Schaltegger, S., Lang, D., Ness, B., McCormick, K., Stubbs, W., Farrelly, M., Jespersen, K., Kurucz, E., Robinson, J. B., Baumgartner, R., Tabara, J., Sheehan, E., von Wirth, T., Davidson, T., Behan, K., Kay, B., Johnson, E., Lanning, K., Peterson, M., Larsen, J., Boyd, E., Thomsgård, J., Hohmann, K., Timm, M., Luthardt, P., Hinck, S., Loorbach, D., Lambden, M., Zondervan, R. & Russold, T.

Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Research

Transformation of 1st Year Chemistry Teaching Laboratory Program

Perlmutter, P., Abraham, B., Farrel, J., McFadyen, D. & Morrison, R.


Project: Research

Transformative Resilience in the Context of Climate Change

Batagol, B., Castellanos, P., Alston, M., Hoek, A., Court, E., Ransom, E., Sexsmith, K., Tickamyer, A., Sachs, C. & Randell, H.

Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Research

Transforming 21st Century Creativity Education in Australasia

Harris, A.


Project: Research

Transforming endocrine therapy for breast and prostate cancer

Tilley, W. D., Risbridger, G., Carroll, J., Lim, E., Clark, S. J., Hicky, T. & Selth, L.


Project: Research

Transforming exams across Australia: Project Ref ID15-4747

Hillier, M., Fluck, A., Cowling, M., Howah, K., Blackmore, K., Newhouse, P., Bower, M., Verity, D., Baird, M., Grant, S., Leitch, S., Geer, R. & White, B.

Department of Education and Training (Comm), University of Tasmania, Central Queensland University


Project: Research

Transforming pulmonary rehabilitation to reduce hospital admissions in COPD

Holland, A., McDonald, C. F., Mahal, A., Lannin, N., Cox, N., Hepworth, G. & O’Halloran, P.

The Department of Health (Comm)


Project: Research

Transforming the treatment landscape in elderly Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML)

Wei, A., Bohlander, S., Reynolds, J. & Levis, M.


Project: Research

Transitioning from out of home care: A longitudinal population-based study

Chung, D., Cordier, R., Mendes, P., Thoresen, S., O'Donnell, M., Martin, R., Stratton, K. & Lund, S.

Project: Research

Translating colorectal cancer organoids into patient care

Abud, H., Worthley, D., Burgess, A., McMurrick, P., Firestein, R., Gibbs, P., Clevers, H., Price, T., Padbury, R. & Hewett, P.

Cancer Australia


Project: Research