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LaTrobe Sustainability & Environmental Survey - June 2004

D'urbano, T.


Project: Research

Water sensitive outcomes for infill developments

Kenway, S. J., Bradley, M., London, G., Bertram, N., Newton, P., Renouf, M., Lam, K. L., Beardmore, K., Zaman, S., Corby, N., Ryan, G., Tapper, N., Kerry, P., Yuan, Z., McLean, L., Dotto, C., Temov, N., Stack, M. & Urich, C.


Project: Research

Westbourne Grammar School LOTE Program Review

Bonar, G.


Project: Research

Reasons for Use Package Website

Rose, C., Guglielmetti, M. & Hwang, I. D.


Project: Research

AVERT-DOSE (Determining Optimal early rehabilitation after stroke): A multi arm covariate-adjusted, response-adaptive randomised controlled trial.

Bernhardt, J., Donnan, G., Churilov, L., Langhorne, P., Pandian, J. D., Dewey, H., Srikanth, V., English, C., Moodie, M. & Middleton, S.


Project: Research

Personalized brain stimulation for treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Cocchi, L., Zalesky, A. & Fitzgerald, P.


Project: Research

Novel Radioligands for PET imaging and phenotyping of multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Baell, J., Kilpatrick, T. J., Binder, M. D., Vivash, L. & Ackermann, U.


Project: Research

Regulation of heart development and regeneration by DNA methylation

Porrello, E. R. & El-Osta, S.


Project: Research

Experimental method for optimum imaging of first Southern Gondwanan fossiliferous amber

Stilwell, J., Mays, C., Bevitt, J., Viegas, P., Langendam, A. & Harvey, M.


Project: Research

Measuring and Reporting Teaching Quality

Hughes-Warrington, M., Baik, C., Bearman, M., Carbone, A., James, R., Krause, K. & Smith, C.

Department of Education and Training (Comm)


Project: Research

Biomarker Phase II Trial

Wallace, E.


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