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Australia’s new cities: past, present and future

Nichols, D., Freestone, R., Walker, P., Taylor, L. & Bolleter, J.


Project: Research

School autonomy reform and social justice in Australian public education

Keddie, A., Blackmore, J., Wilkinson, J., Gobby, B., Niesche, R. & Eacott, S.


Project: Research

MRV support: Aplastic Anaemia Registry

Wood, E.


Project: Research

Australasian Pelvic Floor Procedure Registry (APFPR)

Ahern, S., Daly, O. J. & Dean, J.

Department of Health (Comm)


Project: Research

Using engineering, biology and medicine to develop the next generation of mechanical circulatory support

Gregory, S., Tansley, G. D., Platts, D. G., Thomson, B., Chan, C., Pauls, J. P., Munoz, F., Bartnikowski, N., Strugnell, W., Salamonsen, R., Dargusch, M. S., Dargaville, T., Li, Z., Wrigley, C., Mullany, D. V., Steinseifer, U. & Lovell, N.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation


Project: Research

AMRCI Surveys 2019 - 2021

Smith, L. & Ip, E.


Project: Research

How to diagnose ataxia

Szmulewicz, D.


Project: Research

Next Step: Australia-China collaboration grant

Modi, K.


Project: Research

The microbiota of sea turtles

Scheelings, T. F. & Reina, R.


Project: Research

Expanded trial of an integrated smart home technology for people with cognitive impairment

Callaway, E., Simpson, G., Tregloan, K., Tate, R., Sloan, S., Mackey, J., Morgan, P., Dalton, A., Hodgkinson, A. & Babbage, D.


Project: Research

Early vocational intervention for people who have experienced trauma

Ross, P., Ponsford, J., Olver, J., Fossey, E., Barclay, L., Hilton, G., Downing, M., McKenzie, D., Nunn, A. & Mortimer, D.


Project: Research

Ornithological research

Clarke, R., Nance, A. H., Mitchell, W. F. & Halpin, L. R.

Cynthia Kroyer


Project: Research

The maintenance of species boundaries in a rapidly warming sea

Gallegos Sanchez, C. F. & Monro, K.


Project: Research

The Kids are Not Okay: Emergency department management of acute mental health crises in children and young people

Craig, S., Babl, F. E., Melvin, G., Lee, K. J., Anderson, V., Hiscock, H., Borschmann, R., Gordon, M., Borland, M. & Gray, K.

The Department of Health (Comm)


Project: Research

From gene to duty: the emergence of the complex brain

Bourne, J. & Molnar, Z.


Project: Research