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Posaconazole in lung and blood of haematology patients with suspected pneumonia - A Pilot Study

Kong, D., Heng, S. C., Irving, L., Morrissey, O., Nation, R., Renee, M. & Slavin, M. A.

Jack Brockhoff Foundation


Project: Research

AusStage Phase 4: Harnessing collective intelligence and pioneering new visual methodologies for innovative research into Australian live performance

Casey, M., Arrighi, G., Bollen, J., Burvill, T., Carlin, D., D'Cruz, G., Durban, K., Erskine, S., Gilbey, K., Grehan, H., Hassall, N., Holledge, J., Kelly, V., Kiernander, A., Makeham, P., Marlin, C., Maxwell, I., McCallum, J., McGillivray, G., Milne, G., Mullett, J., Stephenson, P., Tait, P., Tompkins, J., Trenos, H., Watt, D., Mitchell, R., Morgillo, A., Myers, R., O'Leary, M. & Stone, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Poker Machine Opinion Survey - October 2007

D'urbano, T.


Project: Research

Preventing preterm birth: From implementation of translational research through to policy

Newnham, J., Morris, J., Wallace, E., Doherty, D., Ford, J., Oats, J., Cheong, J. L. Y. & Nicholl, M.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Safer Care Victoria


Project: Research

Absolute risk screening in pharmacy

McNamara, K.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research

Urban Living Partnership - Newcastle and Gateshead City Region

Tewdwr-Jones, M., Nettle, D., Richardson, R., Dawson, R., Lawson, S., Dalton, R., Clay, R., Frewer, L., Gilroy, R., Corner, L. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

Learning clubs to improve women's health and infant's health and development in Vietnam: A cluster randomised controlled trial to inform transition to scale

Tran, T., Fisher, J., Luchters, S., Tran, T., Le, T. H. M., Nguyen, T., Tran, H., Biggs, B., Hanieh, S. & Duc Vinh, N.


Project: Research

MAPP-MAL: Multidisciplinary approach to a prototype for prevention of malnutrition in older people: products, places, people and procedures

Moynihan, P., May, C., Gosney, M., Methven, L., Olivier, P. & Macdonald, A.


Project: Research

Design of Public Transport in 2030

De Bono, A. & Coxon, S.


Project: Research

Disability or Diffability? Exploring Vision Impairment within Virtual Reality.

Butler, M., Holloway, L. & Crouch, L.


Project: Research

Comparative Momentum (Shellal)

Nicholson, T.

Australia Council for the Arts


Project: Research