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Coordinated primary health care for refugees. A best practice framework for Australia

Russell, G., Advocat, J., Alston, M., Cheng, I., Wahidi, S., Chan, B., Furler, J., Harris, M., Kay, M., Lo, W., Pottie, K. & Smith, M.

Australian National University


Project: Research

Humanities in the digital age: infrastructure for Australia literary studies, publishing studies, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies

Arnold, J., Borchert, M., Burrows, T., Carter, D., Dale, L., Douglas, K., Eggert, P., Henderson, D., Ikin, V., Leane, J., Mallan, K., McMahon, E., Mead, P., Minter, P., Moore, N., O'Regan, T., Ommundsen, W., Taylor, C., Tompkins, J., Troy, J., Wilkins, K. & Kilner, K.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

TRUMP: A Trusted Mobile Platform for the Self-Management of Chronic Illness in Rural Areas

Edwards, P., Rajarajan, M., Rodgers, P., Edwards, C., Balaam, M., Cameron, I., Reid, I. C., Wright, P., Olivier, P., Trenell, M., Norman, T. & Phillimore, P.


Project: Research

Language choice in primary schools

Filipi, A.


Project: Research

Liver disease in HIV-HBV co-infection

Lewin, S., Crane, M., Matthews, G. & Torresi, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research