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PNG LNG Project: Upstream Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Studies

Denham, T. & Sutton, A. C.


Project: Research

Quantification of the Effects of Anti-aging compounds on Human Skin

Finnin, B.


Project: Research

Preventive Detention of High Risk Offenders: The Search for Effective and Legitimate Parameters

McSherry, B., Blay, S., Keyzer, P., Darjee, R. & Petrila, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Bond University


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Examining organisational complexity and clinical risk to improve hospital patients' safety

Buist, M., Caplan, G., Carthey, J., Iedema, R., Kornberger, M., Lee, B. S. B., Manias, E., Sorensen, R., Becker, F. & Jorm, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research