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Identification of nephron inducing factors

Bertram, J. & Caruana, G.

Kidney Health Australia


Project: Research

Identification of new Drugs to Treat Alzheimer's Disease

Aguilar, M., Perlmutter, P. & Small, D.

ANZ Trustees


Project: Research

Identification of Point of Sale Insights by Mining Social Media

Li, M., Chang, X., Du, L., Hammer, S. & Pearson, R.

Patties Food PTY Limited


Project: Research

Identifying and implementing standardised outcomes in kidney transplantation

Tong, A., Chadban, S. J., Kanellis, J., Wong, G., Gill, J. S., Budde, K., Pruett, T., Marson, L. & Tugwell, P.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Identifying anxiety in later life

Hills, D., Hills, S., Robinson, T. & Hungerford, C.


Project: Research

Identifying clinician-related barriers to active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer in Australia and New Zealand

Lawrentschuk, N., Thangasamy, I., Ong, W. L., Murphy, D., Pritchard, E., Evans, S., Millar, J., Chalasani, V., Rashid, P., Winter, M., Vela, I., Pryor, D. & Mark, S.


Project: Research

Identifying disease genes for neurogenetic disorders using next generation sequencing

Laing, N., Clarke, N., MacArthur, D., Nowak, K., Ravenscroft, G., Allcock, R. & Bryson-Richardson, R.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research