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Speaking of Buildings: Oral History in Architectural Research

Stead, N., Gosseye, J. & van der Plaat, D.


Project: Research

Lightboards everywhere

Turner, L., Anderson, R., Kaur, C., Angus, S., Leroux, A., McCormick, D., Sethi, A., Nichol, C., Parasnis, J., Halupka, V., Wordley, S., Li, J., Smith, T., Gibbs, J., Wyness, A., Fogg, Q., Schliephake, K., Beilby, K., McMenamin, P., Humfrey, D., Thompson, C., Macfarlan, B., Lasky, P., Vanderkruk, K. & Morton, S.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution


Project: Research

Disability and the (Virtual) Institutions? Interventions, Integration and Inclusion

Steele, L., Weller, P., Spivakovsky, C. & Beaupert, F.


Project: Other

JDRF Travel Grant

Khurana, I.


Project: Research

New vehicle evaluation - single responder (2 vehicles)

Logan, D., O'Hern, S., Leslie, D. & Richardson, S.


Project: Research

Cossacks in Jamaica, Ukraine at the Antipodes

Achilli, A., Yesypenko, D. & Yekelchyk, S.

Victor and Maria Rudewych


Project: Research

FOLU: Food and Land Use Project

Court, E. & Lambert, H.

David and Maree Shelmerdine


Project: Research

Doubling the power of a unique astronomical survey facility

Colless, M. M., da Cunha, E., Mackey, D., Croom, S. M., Blake, C. A., Taylor, E., Drinkwater, M. J., Davis, T. M., Brough, S., Wright, D., Driver, S., Brown, M., Norris, R. & Hopkins, A.


Project: Other

Lake Tyers State Park Cultural Mapping Project

Russell, L. & Hagen, R.


Project: Research

Manufacturing design for a high volume roof tile from waste PVC banner material

Millicer, H., Richardson, M., Hoyne, M. & Roos, N.


Project: Research

Extending Mathematics Learning and Teaching Project

Gervasoni, A. & May, W.


Project: Consultancy

The interaction of nanostructured particles with biological milieu

Fong, W. K., Boyd, B., Clulow, A., Fink, A. & Balog, S.


Project: Research

Oracle Flow Sculpture

Floyd, E.


Project: Research

Disability or Diffability? Exploring Vision Impairment within Virtual Reality.

Butler, M., Holloway, L. & Crouch, L.


Project: Research