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Werribee River Waterway Investigation

Cook, P.


Project: Research

Well-being at the Women's

Jack, G. & Riach, K.


Project: Research

Welfare of lambs in intensive finishing systems

Coleman, G., Campbell, A., Hemsworth, P., Jongman, E., Leury, B. & Nold, M.


Project: Research

Welcoming Standards Assessment

Wickes, R., Hegarty, K. & Powell, R.

Welcoming Cities


Project: Research

Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Assessment Toolkit

Wickes, R. & van Kooy, J. R.


Project: Research

Web and database server

O'Donnell, P. A.

Collier Charitable Fund, Monash University


Project: Research

Wearable sensors for mobile health monitoring

Delir Haghighi, P. & Indrawan-Santiago, M.

Collier Charitable Fund


Project: Research

Ways of Halting Antimicrobial resisTance In Fiji (WHAT-IF)

Loftus, M. & Peleg, A.


Project: Research

Wattzup - A Context-Aware Residential Demand-Response System for Smart Energy Management

Krishnaswamy, S., Gaber, M., Chakraborty, D., Kalyanaraman, S. & Seetharam, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC), IBM Research, India


Project: Research

Water sensitive outcomes for infill developments

Kenway, S. J., Bradley, M., London, G., Bertram, N., Newton, P., Renouf, M., Lam, K. L., Beardmore, K., Zaman, S., Corby, N., Ryan, G., Tapper, N., Kerry, P., Yuan, Z., McLean, L., Dotto, C., Temov, N., Stack, M. & Urich, C.


Project: Research

Water oxidation photocatalysis by a bioinspired manganese cluster

Spiccia, L. & Bonke, S.

Australian Synchrotron


Project: Research

Water legislation: enforcement project

Freiberg, A.


Project: Research

Water for Victoria - Capacity Building

Bos, A. & Skinner, R.


Project: Consultancy

Water derivatives: conceptualisation, price modelling and economic impacts

Dixon, P., Schreider, S., Wittwer, G. & Wentzell, A.

Australian Research Council (ARC), RMIT University


Project: Research

Water and the making of urban Australia: A history since 1900

Gaynor, A., Frost, L., Gregory, J., Morgan, R., Shanahan, M. & Spearritt, P.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Waste Management Survey

Collis, M. & Unknown, ..

Bass Coast Shire


Project: Research

Waste Management Review

Yuen, P.

17/10/02 → …

Project: Research

WCC: Warracknabeal Creative Circuit

Edwards, C., Richardson, M., Crow, J., Spasojevic, D., Morgan, T., Bird, M., Turnbull, R. & Ferguson, M.


Project: Research