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Evaluating a patient decision aid for people with degenerative knee disease considering arthroscopic surgery: a randomised controlled trial

O'Connor, D., Buchbinder, R., Hoffmann, T., McCaffery, K., Maher, C., Glasziou, P., Billot, L., Haas, R., Clavisi, O. & Gorelik, A.


Project: Research

The Impact of COVID19 Pandemic on the Small Firms in Developing Countries

Islam, A., Triyana, M. & Xia, X.


Project: Research

Neutron scattering techniques as probes to study phase change colloidal systems

Tabor, R., Vidallon, M. & Teo, B. M.


Project: Research

Mirror Ritual: Science Gallery Exhibition

McCormack, J., Rajcic, N., Wilson, E. & Morrison, K.


Project: Research

Optimising quality use of medicines in hospital to improve outcomes in frail older people

Hilmer, S. N., Gnjidic, D., Etherton-Beer, C. D., Reeve, E., Magin, P. J., Bell, S. & Kelly, P. J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

The algorithm will see you now: ethical, legal and social implications of adopting machine learning systems for diagnosis and screening

Carter, S. M., Houssami, N., Degeling, C., Richards, B., Braunack-Mayer, A., Rogers, W., Wang, L., Win, K. & Woode, M. E.


Project: Research

Cochrane Round 8 Funding Program

Green, S. & McDonald, S.


Project: Research

Computational capability of SAM maintaining Underworld and associated ecosystems

Moresi, L. N., Quenette, S., Mansour, J., Capitanio, F. & Farrington, R.


Project: Research

Understanding and responding to online child sexual exploitation offenders

Ogloff, J., Clough, J., Meyer, D., Henshaw, M., Manley, T., Buick, B., Lopez, K., Smith, R. & Strong, L.


Project: Research

The WorkAlert® Research Translation Initiative

Howard, M., Vakulin, A., Wilson Rajaratnam, S., Burdette, H., Postnova, S. & Gordon, C.


Project: Research

Monash University's Global COVIDIAB Registry

Zimmet, P.


Project: Research

Towards Zero: Ride Like a Local

Johnson, M., Napper, R. & Johnston, V.


Project: Research

Climate Change and Burden of Disease: Current Risk and Future Burden

Bi, P., Capon, T., Dear, K., Morgan, G., Zhang, Y. & Driscoll, T.


Project: Research