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IP GRIP: How can cyclists and heavy vehicle drivers share the road Safely?

McInnes, A., Newnam, S., O'Hern, S., Johnson, M. & Oxley, J.


Project: Research

Industry demand for higher education graduates study

Shah, C. & Cooper, L.


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Developmental Imaging Facility

Bertram, J., Aitken, R., Cooper, H., Grimmond, S. M., Hume, D., Koopman, P. A., Little, M. & Perkins, A.

University of Queensland , Monash University, University of Newcastle, Australian Research Council (ARC)


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Nephron endowment: Are more nephrons necessarily better?

Bertram, J., Armitage, J., Caruana, G. & Kett, M.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Prison Homework Club

Joseph, S., Trounson, J., Munro-Harrison, E. & Penovic, T.


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Posaconazole in lung and blood of haematology patients with suspected pneumonia - A Pilot Study

Kong, D., Heng, S. C., Irving, L., Morrissey, O., Nation, R., Renee, M. & Slavin, M. A.

Jack Brockhoff Foundation


Project: Research

New vectors, new diseases: Understanding the risk of chikungunya transmission in Australia

Frentiu, F., Hu, W., Devine, G., Yakob, L. & McGraw, B.


Project: Research

Measuring training expenditure and higher level qualifications

Burke, G. & Long, M.


Project: Research

Collier - Dr a Tokita

Tokita, A.

Collier Charitable Fund

9/01/02 → …

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