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MCnetITN3: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action: Innovative Training Network entitled “INNOVATIVE NETWORK FOR MONTE CARLO EVENT GENERATORS FOR LHC PHYSICS” with the acronym “MCnetITN3”

Seymour, M. H., Andersen, J., buckley, A., Schumann, S., Gieseke, S., Maltoni, F., Lönnblad, L., Nurse, E., Richardson, P. J., Plehn, T., Skands, P., Hoche, S., Herquet, M., Bahr, M., Beinker, M. & Stichelbaut, F.


Project: Research

Defining the Molecular Mechanisms of Lyssavirus Replication and Immune Evasion: the P protein Axis

Moseley, G., Gooley, P. R., Williams, S. J. & Bourhy, H.


Project: Research

Design features critical for correct use of child car restraints

Brown, J., Bilston, L., Charlton, J., Koppel, S., Keay, L. & Olivier, J.


Project: Research

Thirty Years of Talk: A Panel Study of Kobe Women’s Interview Discourse

Maree, C., Okano, K., Nakane, I., Iwasaki, S., Tanaka, L. & Takagi, C.


Project: Research

Control of Cell Competition by Cell Shape Regulators in Tissue Development - Helena Richardson

Richardson, H. E., Tiganis, T. & Humbert, P. O.


Project: Research

The Pulse of the Earth

Carwood, P.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Other

Quantifying environmental constraints on animal behaviour

Peters, R. & Chandler, T.


Project: Research

Enhancing Lanthanoid Single-Molecule Magnets

Boskovic, C., Soncini, A., Murray, K. & Mole, R. A.


Project: Research

Disability, social mobility and the wellbeing of people with disabilities

Kavanagh, A. M., LaMontagne, A. D., Petrie, D., Milner, A., Simpson, J., Aitken, Z., Emerson, E. & Blakely, T.


Project: Research

Understanding performance and image enhancing drug injecting in Australia

Fraser, S., Moore, D. M. J., Seear, K., Aitken, C. & Stanton, K.


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AIM-BRAIN PROject: The AIM Brain PROject - Access to Innovative Molecular diagnostic PROfiling for paediatric brain tumours

Gottardo, N., Hansford, J. R., Downie, P., Cain, J., Ziegler, D., Strong, R. & Jones, J.


Project: Research

Centre for Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis. A comprehensive and integrated clinical research program for PF: transforming the approach to PF in Australia

Corte, T. J., Knight, D., Laurent, G., Holland, A. E., Chambers, D. C., Moodley, Y. P., Walters, E. H., Westall, G., Glaspole, I. & Palmer, A. J.


Project: Research

Nurses’ experiences of the death of a child in the Emergency Department

Copnell, B., McKenna, L. & Shimoinaba, K.

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Project: Research

Diatom lipids: the key to past sea-ice history in remote Antarctic regions

Armand, L. K., George, S. C., Belt, S., Heraud, P., Bowler, C. & Beardall, J.


Project: Research

ALLG MM19 Clinical Trial Substudy

Spencer, A.


Project: Research

Complex Activity Recognition and Prediction for Smart City Applications

Medvedev, A., Indrawan-Santiago, M., Delir Haghighi, P., Zaslavsky, A. B. & Knight, K.


Project: Research

Urban cultural policy and the changing dynamics of cultural production

Grodach, C., Gibson, C., O'Connor, J., Gu, X. & Warran, A.


Project: Research

Quandamooka Aboriginal Women on the Colonial Frontier in the 19th Century

Moreton-Robinson, A. & Casey, M.


Project: Research

MCDA: The Development of Novel Bayesian Network and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Techniques

Shahzad, A., Nicholson, A., Korb, K., Mascaro, S. & Cao, T.


Project: Research

Biofocussed prostate cancer RadioTherapy (BiRT): A personalised approach to delivering the right dose to the right place

Haworth, A., Williams, S. G., Ebert, M. A., Reynolds, H. M., Dowling, J., Wraith, D., Liney, G., Mears, C. D., Betts, J. & Murphy, D.


Project: Research

Thyroid cancer registry

Ahern, S.


Project: Research

Enhanced methods of communicating correct use of child car restraints: A controlled trial

Brown, J., Bilston, L., Keay, L., Charlton, J. & Hayen, A.


Project: Research

Risk factors for long-term chronic disease events in HIV-positive persons: the D:A:D cohort study

Law, M., Petoumenos, K., Carr, A. D., Hoy, J. & Nolan, D.


Project: Research

SUcceSS: SUcceSS: SUrgery for Spinal Stenosis - a randomised placebo-controlled trial

Ferreira, M., Harris, I. A., Davis, G. A., Latimer, J., Beard, D., Li, Q., Buchbinder, R. & Mobbs, R.


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