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Monitoring health and wellbeing of seniors using unintrusive sensors

Zukerman, I., Moshtaghi, M., Russell, A., Faux, S. & Shiner, C.


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An Australian Community Of practice in Research in Dementia (ACcORD) to improve health outcomes for people with dementia and their carers

Sanson-Fisher, R., Mazza, D., Koch, S., Doran, C., D'Este, C., Whitehead, C. & Eades, S.


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Simulating Bus and Tram Priority in Traffic Flows

Samaranayaka R Mudiyanselage, S.



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Better quality of life for cancer patients through early e-health program

Haines, T., Truby, H., Huggins, C., Bauer, J., Silvers, M., Savva, J., Barnett, J., Cashin, P. & Low, L.


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Protecting the public from emerging infectious diseases

Sorrell, T. C., Coiera, E., Cheng, A., Smith, D. & Howden, B.


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