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Rose, C. & Hampel, G.


Project: Research

Extension of randomised controlled trial of MoodCare: Managing co-morbid depression after acute coronary syndrome

Oldenburg, B., Atherton, J., Hare, D., Hawkes, A., Hollingsworth, B., Jelinek, M., Sanderson, K. A. & Taylor, C. B.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research

Basin Plan CGE modelling using TERM-H2O

Wittwer, G.


Project: Research

Impact of Distraction Research on Regulatory Reform

Lenne, M. & Young, K.



Project: Research

Economic Modelling: Benefits of water trading

Wittwer, G.


Project: Research

Modelling of Federal Government carbon policy for QLD government

Adams, P.


Project: Research

Review of the Australian Water Reform

Wittwer, G.


Project: Research

Development of a Dynamic Fiscal Computable General Equilibrium Model of the Florida Economy

Madden, J., Giesecke, J. & Griffith, M. W.


Project: Research

Novel therapeutic strategies for high grade glioma

van Sinderen, M. & Johns, T.

Victorian Cancer Agency


Project: Research

Carbon Price Impacts - Red Meat Sector

Adams, P.


Project: Research

Immunogenicity study of HIV Env MicroCubes

Coulibaly, F., Center, R., Ffrench, R. & Purcell, D.

Australian Centre for HIV and Hepatitis Virology Research


Project: Research

Self-sustaining Regions Research and Innovation Initiative

Burstein, F., Baker, A., Beardall, J., Boretti, A., Charchar, F. J., Davis, J., Gao, D., Gell, P., Harrap, S. B., Hodgson, P., Karoly, D. J., Keenan, R., Kershaw, P., Kingsford, R., Myers, M., Reeves, A., Shaw, J. E., Smith-Miles, K., Smyth, J., Stagnitti, F., Stranieri, A., Turney, C., Weber, R., Wilby, R., Wyn, J., Yearwood, J., Nahavandi, S. & Sonenberg, L.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (Comm)


Project: Research

Assessing and addressing tax system complexity in Australia

Krever, R., Evans, C., Lignier, P., Pope, J. & Tran-Nam, B.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


Project: Research