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Low Back Pain Centre for Research Excellence

Maher, C., Buchbinder, R., Hancock, M. J., O'Sullivan, P. B., McAuley, J., Blyth, F. M., Jorm, L., Collie, A., McCaffery, K. & Hayes, A. J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Secure and Plug-in Online Booking Management System: Case study for Medical Appointment Management

Han, F., Han, Q., Li, L., Ge, X. & Yang, X.


Project: Research

IndoAir: New satellite observations to improve monitoring and forecasting of severe smoke pollution over SE Asia caused by Indonesian landscape burning

Thomas, G., Poulsen, C., Lestari, P., Dewi, K., Wooster, M., Carboni, E. & Zhang, T.


Project: Research

How does Toxoplasma Gondii, a common worldwide infection, affect brain injury?

Sun, M., Shultz, S., Tonkin, C. & Sobey, C. G.


Project: Research

Unlocking Shared Mobility – Investigating free-flow parking for car-sharing in Australia

Harris, S., Dodson, J., Taylor, L., Ryan, S., Taylor, A., Borlace, M. & Silva, L. P.

RMIT University


Project: Research

Assessing recycling and waste in Interventional Radiology

Clements, W., Tang, V. D., Houlihan, C., Corish, C. & Chow, J.


Project: Research

Centre for Research Excellence - Women’s Health in Reproductive life

Teede, H., Norman, R. J., Mishra, G. D., Boyle, J., Hart, R. J., Mol, B., Moran, L., Hickey, M., Laven, J. S. E. & Rodgers, R. J.


Project: Research


Gu, X., Dickenson, P. & Domer, N.


Project: Research