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HRL Techs - W R Jackson

Jackson, R.

RM4-SAP Finance Holding Organisation

7/03/03 → …

Project: Research

Human-animal relationships in zoos: Optimising animal and visitor experiences

Hemsworth, P., Coleman, G., Rassool, R., Fanson, K., Hosey, G., Butler, K., Magrath, M., Melfi, V., Husher, K. & Peake, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Human Centred Design Case Studies

Horberry, T.


Project: Research

Human Epilepsy: Understanding biology to improve outcomes

Berkovic, S. F., Jackson, G., Gecz, J., Connelly, A., Scheffer, I. E., O'Brien, T., Calamante, F., Petrou, S. & Reid, C. A.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Human Error and Road Transport - Pilot Field Study

Brace, C., Archer, J., Corben, B., Johnston, I. & Lenne, M.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ACT)


Project: Research

Human factors input to rail investigation - Stage 1

Regan, M. & Haworth, N.

6/06/01 → …

Project: Research

Human factors study of metropolitan train fleet

Haworth, N., Mulvihill, C., Regan, M. & Salmon, P.


Project: Research

Humanities in the digital age: infrastructure for Australia literary studies, publishing studies, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies

Arnold, J., Borchert, M., Burrows, T., Carter, D., Dale, L., Douglas, K., Eggert, P., Henderson, D., Ikin, V., Leane, J., Mallan, K., McMahon, E., Mead, P., Minter, P., Moore, N., O'Regan, T., Ommundsen, W., Taylor, C., Tompkins, J., Troy, J., Wilkins, K. & Kilner, K.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Human Leadership - Developing People

Beatty, B.


Project: Research

Human Resource Management in Asia Pacific

Cooke, F. L.


Project: Research

Human Rights Education in Schools

Gerber, P.


Project: Research

Hybaid PCR sprint thermocycler

Apostolopoulos, J., Kitching, R. & Semple, T.

Collier Charitable Fund, Monash University


Project: Research

Hybrid methods with decomposition for large scale optimization

Li, X., Ernst, A. & Kalyanmoy, D.


Project: Research

Hydraulic press and associated tooling.

Hosking, M. E.

Collier Charitable Fund, Monash University


Project: Research

Hydrogen: an overlooked intermediate during anoxia in permeable sediments

Cook, P., Greening, C., Glud, R. N. & Callahan, D.


Project: Research

Hydrogenations of a suite of Queensland Coals

Jackson, R. & Chaffee, A.


Project: Research

Hydroprocessing of Shale Oil

Chaffee, A. & Jackson, R.


Project: Research