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Online self-management of cancer-related fatigue: a multimodal approach

Avery, S., Ellis, K., Hassed, C., Klarica, D., Hodgson, A., Walker, P. A. & Wright, T.


Project: Other

Function of breeding plumage in a monogamous tropical fairy-wren

Fan, M.


Project: Research

Temperature mediated population dynamics in springtails

Hoskins, J. L.


Project: Research

IRP1 Water Sensitive City Transition Strategies and Implementation Plans

Rogers, B., Fielding, K. S., Lindsay, J., Chesterfield, C. & Brown, R.


Project: Research

Designing for data confidentiality and resilience (Data61 CRP 22)

Rudolph, C., Liu, J., Steinfeld, R., Nepal, S., Rimba, P., Liu, D. & Knight, K.


Project: Research

PowerSleep: Enhancing Slow Wave Sleep and Cognition

Anderson, C., Ftouni, S., Drummond, S., Grunstein, R. R., Gordon, C. & White, D. J.


Project: Research

The Microbiome of Sea Turtles

Scheelings, F.


Project: Research

NHMRC Equipment grant - Centrifuge Rotor

McGraw, B.


Project: Research

Gippsland Survivorship Program: Improving care coordination, service delivery and health outcomes for people with cancer and carers

Iddawela, M., Ristevski, E., Joshi, S., Kuyumcian, A., Wright, T., Jayasuriya, N., Wood, E., Wood, M., Roscoe, D., Hamilton, V., Shearer, M., Proposch, A., Bogart, M., De Gooyer, S. & McGrail, M.


Project: Research

Research for OJK/Indonesian Ministry of Finance

Foo, M.


Project: Research

Nissan Transport Design Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Vittouris, A. M.


Project: Research

Team Based Learning Through Scenario-Based Videos in Business Statistics

Kaur, C., Macquarie, L., Bainbridge, C. M., Vinh, A. & Tharanganie, H. T.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution


Project: Research

Monash Education Academy Travel grant

Diug, B.


Project: Research

Texture development in the Main Central Thrust, in the Sikkim Himalaya

Wilson, C., Weinberg, R., Hunter, N. & Roberts, A.


Project: Research