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Learning to Discover Security Flaws in Stateful Programs

Boehme, M., Pham, T., Kapugamawasangamagedon, C. G. K. & Zeller, A.


Project: Research

Using practice analytics to understand variation and support reflective practice

Shaw, T., Gasevic, D., Rankin, D., Brown, K., Conley, J. & Mews, A.


Project: Research

COMPARE Study - Safe Work Australia support

Collie, A., Iles, R., Lane, T., Smith, P., Lund, T. & Mcleod, C.


Project: Research

A new approach to disinvestment: Application to falls prevention mobilisation alarms

Haines, T., Shorr, R., Botti, M. A., Brusco, N., O'Brien, L., Redley, B., Bowles, K., Hutchinson, A. M., Mitchell, D. F., Hunter, P., Boyd, L., Jellett, J., Raymond, M., Webb-St Mart, M. & Steen, K.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Treating Inflammation in the Male Reproductive Tract

Hedger, M. & Meinhardt, A.


Project: Research