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Improving and Enabling Access to Palliative Care Beds

O'Connor, M. & Lau, R.


Project: Research

Clipping Away At Healthy Communities Project

Keleher, H.


Project: Research

Scientific Mobility Program 2013

Gras, S.


Project: Research

Assessing VAD: A new direction in end of life care? Assessing the impact and consequences of the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Act

Komesaroff, P., Philip, J., Kerridge, I., Gillam, L., Stewart, C., Hudson, P., Holmes, A. C., Olver, I. N., White, B. & Lewis, S.


Project: Research

Trauma System - State Wide Capability Program

Fitzgerald, M., Mathew, J., Mitra, B., Boo, E., Groombridge, C., Kim, Y., Noonan, M., Cameron, P., Maini, A., Howard, T., Williams, K., Devilliers Smit, P. & Reilly, S.


Project: Research

Understanding recent Australian trends in alcohol consumption and harms

Lloyd, B., Chikritzhs, T. N., Dietze, P., Livingston, M. & Room, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Gender, power and identity in the early modern Nassau family

Protschky, S., Broomhall, S., Van Gent, J. & Hohkamp, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research