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The family-centered approach in favor of parents of children with mental disorder: investigation and development of practices in adult mental health in Quebec

Piche, G., Villatte, A., Clement, M., Morin, M., Reupert, A., Cyr-Villeneuve, C., Maybery, D., Leblanc, D., Fournier, L., Clourler, R. & Richard-Devantoy, S.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


Project: Research

RNA methylation in normal and malignant blood development

Kats, L. & Das, P.


Project: Research

Recalculation of Survival Risk Ratios

Newstead, S., D'Elia, A., Berecki-Gisolf, J. & Clapperton, A.


Project: Research

DIAAMOND: Diagnosis of aplastic anaemia, management, and outcomes from a national dataset

Wood, E., Ting, S., McQuilten, Z., Szer, J., Hiwase, D. K., McNeil, J., Lacaze, P., Blombery, P. A., Mills, A., Heritier, S., Fox, L., Firkin, F. & Higgins, L.


Project: Research

Linking arterial, brain and cognitive integrity in healthy older adults

Karayanidis, F., Fabiani, M., Gratton, G., Jamadar, S., Levi, C. & Steyvers, M.


Project: Research

Evolution of chemical warfare in invasive plants

Uesugi, A.


Project: Research

Discovery and Characterisation of Tick Evasins - Inhibitors of Chemokine-mediated Inflammation

Stone, M., Payne, R., Rothenberg, M., Canals, M. & Wilce, M.


Project: Research

Rebuilding Immunity for Survival

Boyd, R. & Chidgey, A.


Project: Research