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Human Epilepsy: Understanding biology to improve outcomes

Berkovic, S. F., Jackson, G., Gecz, J., Connelly, A., Scheffer, I. E., O'Brien, T., Calamante, F., Petrou, S. & Reid, C. A.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Modelling the population impact of injury

Gabbe, B.


Project: Research

Anti-sporulation strategies for Clostridium difficile infections

Lyras, D., McGowan, S., Pyne, S. G., Keller, P. A. & Yu, H.


Project: Research

Codon bias: a hidden layer of translational regulation by estrogens

Furic, L., Larsson, O. & Topisirovic, I.


Project: Research

NHMRC Research Fellowship

Davis, S.


Project: Research