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VBP: Virtual Brain for Dementia Australia

McCormack, J. P., Crouch, L., Wilson, E., Singh, D. & Stephens, K.


Project: Research

Venous Access

Armstrong, M. C. & Stewart, M.


Project: Research

Measuring the educational alliance with supervisors from the registrar perspective

Elliott, T., Bentley, M., Benson, J., Kippen, R., Costello, S. C., Burns, J., Cook, C., Warrington, A. & Wallace, G.


Project: Research

Supervising GP Registrars - who does and doesn't participate and why?

Warrington, A., Bentley, M., Wallace, G., O'Sullivan, B. G., McGrail, M. R., Russell, D., Burns, J. & Sampson, M.


Project: Research

BEYOND THE CITY: Increasing the Dispersal of Chinese Visitors in Regional Australia

Cheer, J. M., Sawzcak, H., Huang, S., Ostermeyer, B., Price, L., Sharp, A., Chen, G., King, B., Pratt, S., Reeves, K. & Zhang, X.


Project: Research

Footwear for self-managing knee osteoarthritis symptoms: the Footstep Trial

Hinman, R. S., Wrigley, T. V., Paterson, K. & Kasza, J. E.


Project: Research

Early life inflammation and development of cardiovascular disease

Moss, T. J. M., Burgner, D., Black, M. J. & Metea, N.


Project: Research

Retention of Victorian rural GPs

Russell, D., McGrail, M. R., O'Sullivan, B. G., Campbell, D. & Chisholm, M.


Project: Research

The LGBTI Sport Inclusion Project

O'Brien, K. S. & Denison, E.


Project: Research

The Cherenkov Telescope Array - Production Phase

Rowell, G. P., Maxted, N., Burton, M. G., Tajima, H., Veitch, P. J., Balazs, C., Filipovic, M., Bicknell, G., White, M., Green, A., Berge, D., Dawson, B. R., Greenshaw, T., Crocker, R. & Hinton, J.


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Site-specific modification of proteins with radioactive technetium

Paterson, B. M.


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Australasian participation in the international BIOMEDE (Biological Medicine for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Eradication) study

McCowage, G., Hassell, T., Wood, P., Gottardo, N., Hansford, J., Ziegler, D., Kellie, S., Kirby, M. L., Laughton, S. & Strong, R.


Project: Research

Autonomous Learning in a Dynamic World

Webb, G. I. B.


Project: Research

Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index 2017

Katiforis, Y., Buckingham, E. S. & Knox, D.


Project: Research