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First Seizure Assessment and Management.

Foster, E. C. & O'Brien, T. J.


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Out with Cancer: LGBTI experiences of cancer survivorship and care

Ussher, J. M., Perz, J., Hickey, M., Chambers, S. K., Dowsett, G. W., Robinson, K., Boydell, K., Davis, I., Parton, C., Anazodo, A. & McDonald, F.


Project: Research

How to raise the village to raise the child

Paul, J., Zechmeister-Koss, I., Bauer, A., Goodyear, M. J., Fatima, B., Lund, I. O. & Christiansen, H.


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The effects of information environment and external governance mechanisms on takeover decisions and firm financial policies

Dang, M., Dang, L., Hoang, V. A., Tran, K. N., Pham, V. H., Dang, V. A. & Truong, H. A.


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Australian Equities Research

Docherty, P. A. & Gray, P. K.


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2018 Kunshan Studios

Jung, M.


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A scalable detection tool for childhood inattention: TALI Detect™

Kirk, H. E., Cornish, K. M., Harcourt, J., McIntosh, K. & Simari, M.


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Strengthening the evidence foundation for public health guidelines

Bero, L., McKenzie, J. E., Allman-Farinelli, M., Lawrence, M., Scrinis, G., Held, F., Gill, T., Baur, L., Nestle, M. & Raubenheimer, D.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


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