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Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tractography in the Assessment of Sporadic Motor Neurone Disease

Bhattarai, A., Chua, P., Chen, Z., Egan, G. F. & Talman, P.


Project: Research

Refinement of and extension to the Cochrane Risk of Bias tool for Randomised trials

Savovic, J., Higgins, J., Cheng, V., Kirkham, J., Page, M. J., Turner, R. & Sterne, J.

MRC UK Medical Research Council


Project: Research

Hydroprocessing of Shale Oil

Chaffee, A. L. & Jackson, W. R.


Project: Research

Diversifying Information Culture Training

Oliver, G. C., Foscarini, F. & Boamah, E.


Project: Research

Perampanel in glioma associated seizures - efficacy and safety: a pilot phase II randomsied controlled trial.(PEGASUS)

O'Brien, T. J., Neal, A., Kwan, K. L. P., Drummond, K., Morokoff, A., Desmond, P. M., Moffat, B. M., Perucca, P. C., Gonen, O., Yuen, T. I., Murphy, M., Bulluss, K. J. & Cher, L.


Project: Research

Nanowire-Based Sensing in Biological Systems

Elnathan, R.


Project: Research

Ultra-high activity heterogeneous catalysts for CO2 utilization

Chaffee, A. L., van Duin, A., Batten, S. R., Turner, D. R., Munro, J. C. & Janik, M. J.


Project: Research

Low-cost, robust, high-activity water splitting electrodes

Simonov, A., Macfarlane, D. R., Tricoli, A., Liu, Y. & Smith, D.


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