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Water sensitive outcomes for infill developments

Kenway, S. J., Bradley, M., London, G., Bertram, N., Newton, P., Renouf, M., Lam, K. L., Beardmore, K., Zaman, S., Corby, N., Ryan, G., Tapper, N. J., Kerry, P., Yuan, Z., McLean, L., Dotto, C., Temov, N., Stack, M. & Urich, C. H.


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A matter of time: A study on emotional character growth in the aftermath of adversity

Chung, J., Laceulle, O. M., Alisic, E., Mooren, T., Sleijpen, M. & Stellar, J.


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Safety and efficacy of supplemental creatine for preterm infants

Ellery, S., Dickinson, H., Pilow, J. & Fahey, M. T.


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MDM4: a new target for melanoma treatment

Shackleton, M. & Marine, J.


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Boosting the immune system to treat diabetic retinopathy

Wilkinson-Berka, J., Mackay, F., Cooper, M. E., Lim, L. L. P. & Wickremasinghe, S.


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Kruppel-like factors and the methylome

Perkins, A. C., Lister, R. & Dinger, M. E.


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Bushfire Climatology Project - Phase 2

Harris, S. L. & Mills, G.


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Improving Conduct & reporting of Narrative Synthesis of Quantitative data (ICONS-Quant)

Thomson, H., Campbell , M., Katikireddi, S. V., Sowden, A., McKenzie, J. E., Shepherd, S., Hill, S., Lancaster, T. & Cumpston, M. S.



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PSMA-PET in advanced prostate cancer

Azad, A.


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The Indigenous Club of Learning at Port Phillip Prison

Joseph, S. L., Penovic, T., Trounson, J. & Munro-Harrison, E.


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Revenge Pornography: The implications for law reform

Henry, N., Flynn, A. L. G., Powell, A., McGlynn, C., Rackley, E. & Gavey, N.


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VBP: Virtual Brain for Dementia Australia

McCormack, J. P., Crouch, L., Wilson, E., Singh, D. & Stephens, K.


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