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Java-Bali Renewables Demand

Liebman, A.


Project: Research

FREYA: FREYA - Connected Open Identifiers for Discovery, Access and Use of Research Resources

Farquhar, A., Aryani, A., Dallmeier-Tiessen, S., Cruse, P., McEntyre, J., Diepenbroek, M., MacCallum, C., Bilder, G., Haak, L., Doorn, P. & LAMBERT, S.


Project: Research

Investigating substance use in adolescents with chronic kidney disease

Crawford, K. E., Low, J. K., Wilson, C. A., Le Page, A. & Manias, E.


Project: Research

Massive Transfusion Registry Future Funding NZBS

Wood, E. M., McQuilten, Z., Sparrow, R. L., Flanagan, P. & Waters, N.


Project: Research

An On Demand Bactericidal Surface to Halt Medical Device Biofouling

Locock, K. E. S., Cass, P., Qu, Y. & Gunatillake, T.


Project: Research

A best practice framework for playgroups-in-schools

Edwards, S., McLean, K., Healy, C., Evangelou, M., Henderson, M., Nolan, A. & Skouteris, H.


Project: Research

Genetic rescue of Australian wildlife: Macquarie Perch

Lutz, M., Sunnucks, P. & Pavlova, A.


Project: Research

The microbiome of sea turtles

Scheelings, T. & Reina, R.


Project: Research

Temperature mediated population dynamics in springtails

Hoskins, J. L. & Chown, S. L.


Project: Research

Assessing the Scope for Genetic Rescue of the Leadbeater’s Possum

Zilko, J. P., Sunnucks, P. & Pavlova, A.


Project: Research

AbbVie Lymphoma Registry support

Wood, E. M., Opat, S., McQuilten, Z., Waters, N. & Rowsell, L.


Project: Research

Shifting rom compliance to competency: Enhancing capabilities around the APSTs

O'Connor, J., Fitzgerald, A. & Bradbury, O.


Project: Research

CSL Massive Transfusion Registry

Wood, E. M. & McQuilten, Z.


Project: Research

Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Partnership Pathways to Better Care and Outcomes for Aboriginal Young People

Craig, J. C., Redman, S., Eades, S., Banks, E., Tong, A., Gunasekera, H., Dickson, M., Williamson, A., Howard, K. & Green, S. E.


Project: Research

Novel nanosensors for monitoring of water filtration membrane integrity

Prieto-Simon, B., Voelcker, N. H., Saint, C., Monis, P., Robillot, C. & Cunliffe, D.


Project: Research

MIPS - Noble Gas Pharmacology

Winkler, D. A.


Project: Research

How are we treating severe childhood asthma in Australasia

Lawton, B., Craig, S. S., Oakley, E., Babl, F. E., Graudins, A., Dalziel, S., Furyk, J. S., Phillips, N. A., George, S., Gray, C. & Margolis, S.

Emergency Medicine Foundation, Queensland


Project: Research