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Using practice analytics to understand variation and support reflective practice

Shaw, T., Gasevic, D., Rankin, D., Brown, K., Conley, J. & Mews, A.


Project: Research

Breast cancer innate immune evasion

Rautela, J. & Vivier, E.


Project: Research

Airway clearance techniques for Indigenous adults with bronchiectasis

Lee, A., Nicolson, C., Potter, K., Budd, R., Laird, P. & Chang, A.

Menzies School of Health Research


Project: Research

Precision Oncology: Directing New Therapeutic Interventions for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Stephens, A., Bilandzic, M., Firestein, R., Hertzog, P., Chu, S., DeFazio, A., Bowtell, D. D. L., Jobling, T., Goss, G. & Kryzs, N.


Project: Research

CNT: Supporting carers' navigation of older adults' care transitions

Allen, J., Livingston, P. M., Hutchinson, A., Brown, R. & Lobchuk, M.

Australian Association of Gerontology


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