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The use of gardens together with small children in Norway, India and the United Kingdom

Almeida, S., Sageidet, B. M. & Dunkley, R.


Project: Research

The Use of Gene-Silencing Nanodrugs to Inhibit Lung Cancer Growth

McCarroll, J. A., Phillips, P. & Quinn, J.


Project: Research

The VEAR project - VMA Evaluation and Review: Step One

Clearihan, L. & Temple-Smith, M. J.


Project: Research

The VICS Centre for Scientific Instrumentation (CSI)

Morrison, R., Ashokkumar, M., Beckett, R., Bieske, E., Grieser, F. & Kolev, S.


Project: Research

The Victorian Cohort Study

Tonkin, A., Harrap, S. B., Krum, H., Liew, D., Magliano, D. & McNeil, J.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research

The victorian integrated plasmonics facility

Funston, A., Altissimo, M., Bell, T., Langford, S., Sridhar, M., Davis, T., Gomez, D., Hollenberg, L., Mulvaney, P., Roberts, A., Sader, J. & Vernon, K.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

The Victorian lung cancer initiative

Watkins, N., Ashley, D. M., Brown, T., Fox, S. B., Irving, L., Millar, J., Mitchell, P., Solomon, B., Stirling, R., Wright, G., Ganju, V., John, T., MacManus, M. & Waring, P.

Victorian Cancer Agency


Project: Research

The Victorian Simulated Patient Network (VSPN)

Nestel, D., English, L. & Kiegaldie, D.


Project: Research

The Vision Initiative Evaluation 2006-07

Keleher, H.


Project: Research

The VMA GP registrar well-being study

Schattner, P., Ling, M., Pier, C. & Wainer, J.


Project: Research

The Vocational Science Careers Project

Seddon, T., Fitzsimons, G. E., Hartley, R. & Robertson, I. J.


Project: Research

The volcanology of the jericho, muskox and anuri kimberlite pipes, Canada

Cas, R. & Hayman, P. C.


Project: Research

The Way Back App and Companion Webpage

Melvin, G., Coles, J. & Tonge, B.

Movember Australia


Project: Research

The WorkAlert® Research Translation Initiative

Howard, M., Vakulin, A., Wilson Rajaratnam, S., Burdette, H., Postnova, S. & Gordon, C.


Project: Research

The World Trade Organization and Human Rights

Joseph, S., Kinley, D. & Waincymer, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research