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IA: Immersive Analytics: Interactive Data Analysis Using Surfaces and Spaces

Dwyer, T., Thomas, B. H., Marriott, K., Billinghurst, M. & Schmalstieg, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Tracing causes of inequalities in health and well-being: Analysis of rich longitudinal data

Olsen, J., Gyrd-Hansen, D., Abelsen, B. & Chen, G.


Project: Research

Preventing preterm birth: From implementation of translational research through to policy

Newnham, J., Morris, J., Wallace, E., Doherty, D., Ford, J., Oats, J., Cheong, J. L. Y. & Nicholl, M.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Safer Care Victoria


Project: Research

Interactive attention training technology to enhance cognitive skills in early life

Cornish, K., Anderson, V., Harcourt, J., Catroppa, C., Kirk, H., McIntosh, B. & Reynolds, J.


Project: Research

New strategies to improve personalized immunotherapy of breast cancer

Dolcetti, R., Caminschi, I., Mazzieri, R., Brown, M. A., Woodward, N. & Bennett, I.

National Breast Cancer Foundation


Project: Other

Technologies of Music Notation and Representation (TENOR) Network

Bhagwati, S., Hope, C., Hoadley, R., Dal Farra , R., Tsabary, E., Freeman, J., Fober, D., Hajdu, G., Bresson, J., Fujinaga, I. & Smith, R.


Project: Research

ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living

Mouzakis, K., Grundy, J., Venkatesh, S., Maeder, A. J., Hutchinson, A. M., Berk, M., Maddison, R., Kouzani, A. Z., Vasa, R., Calvo, R., Christensen, H. M., Williams, P., Phung, D., Yearwood, J., Gordon, S., Powers, D. M. W., Wickramasinghe, N., Bidargaddi, N., Rana, S., Tran, T., Gupta, S., Luo, W., Abdelrazek, M., Tan, F. T. C., Langberg, H., Kayser, L., Kensing, F., Bodendorf, F., Hansen, J. P., Warren, J. R., Sinha, R., Smeaton, A., Aitken, I., Voukelatos, F., Fiebig, J., Serroni, D., Farquhar, C., Nagarajan, R., Tripodi, B., Biggin, J., Fouyaxis, J., Gerasimou, E., Varley, D., Pitcher, M. & Rudolph, C.

Interrelate Limited, Health Metrics Pty Ltd, Uniting Care NSW ACT, Neoproducts Pty Ltd, Dementia Australia Limited, Uniting Agewell Limited, Black Dog Institute, Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Research

VESPUR: Very Early Start to Personalised Upper limb Rehabilitation (VESPUR) after stroke: A Phase II trial of feasibility and safety

Hayward, K. S., Lannin, N., Cloud, G., Bernhardt, J., Thijs, V., Churilov, L., Brodtmann, A., Kaffenberger, T. & Jolliffe, L.


Project: Research

Frobenius manifolds from a geometrical and categorical viewpoint

Norbury, P. T., Murfet, D. & Do, N.


Project: Research

Australasian participation in the international BIOMEDE (Biological Medicine for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Eradication) study

McCowage, G., Hassell, T., Wood, P., Gottardo, N., Hansford, J. R., Ziegler, D., Kellie, S., Kirby, M. L., Laughton, S. & Strong, R.


Project: Research

Consumer Directed Care in Residential Aged Care: Transforming Practice through the Resident at the Centre of Care (RCC) Program

McCabe, M. P., Beattie, E. R. A., Karantzas, G., Mellor, D. J., Bennett, M., Goodenough, B., von Treuer, K. & Busija, L.


Project: Research

Healthy Stores 2020: Reducing retail merchandising of discretionary food and beverages in remote Indigenous community stores

Brimblecombe, J., Mah, C., Peeters, A., Miles, E., Wycherley, T., Ferguson, M., Minaker, L., McMahon, E., Turner, C., O’Dea, K. O., Greenacre, L., Moodie, M., Chatfield, M., Hammond, M., Stronach, M., O'Connor, R. & De Silva, K.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Reverse engineering Nature: metal extraction through mineral replacement.

Pring, A., Brugger, J., Harmer-Bassell, S., Gibson, C. T., Grguric, B. & Ehrig, K.


Project: Research

Can mitochondrial and nuclear co-evolution drive climate adaptation?

Sunnucks, P., Stier, A. & Beissinger, S. R.


Project: Research


Flynn, B.

Cincera Therapeutics


Project: Research

Out with Cancer: LGBTI experiences of cancer survivorship and care

Ussher, J. M., Perz, J., Hickey, M., Chambers, S. K., Dowsett, G. W., Robinson, K., Boydell, K., Davis, I., Parton, C., Anazodo, A. & McDonald, F.


Project: Research

First Seizure Management in Australia

Foster, E. C. & O'Brien, T.


Project: Research

The pathogenesis of PR3-ANCA associated vasculitis

Schochet, I. & Kitching, R.


Project: Research