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Ricotta shelf life extension and development of a dessert-style Nutella flavoured ricotta

Mansouri, S., Lawrence, K. & Georges, N.


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Surface treatment effects on wetting of textile materials

Tabor, R. & Meaney, S.


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NHIC: Collaborative Handover. Mental health nursing handover involving clients

Reed, F., Olasoji, M., Plummer, V., Shaw, L., Jacob, S., Shanti, M. & Cross, W.


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Unravelling the neural bases of the diverse capability of the grasping hand

Marneweck, M.


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Enabling Ongoingness: Content Creation & Consumption in the New Digital Age

Wallace, J., Lawson, S., Montague, K., Olivier, P., Morrissey, K. & Craig, C.


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Testing theories of consciousness with no-report paradigms in human intracranial recording

Tsuchiya, N., Haun, A., Kawasaki, H. & Tononi, G.


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Review and Evaluation of the Leading Teacher Development Program

Townsend, A., Hoult, G. & Ross, T.


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Improving colorectal cancer therapy using a novel nanotechnology based delivery system

Boyd, B., Prestidge, C., Brown, M., Davey, A. & Keefe, D.

Cancer Council South Australia


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One day, we'll all invest this way! Regulating online investment.

Williamson, C., Bottomley, S. & Kingsford Smith, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


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Tectonic Reconstruction of the Evolution of the Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic Chain

Lister, G., Harrison, T., Appelbe, W., Hall, R. & Sutherland, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University

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Dakhleh Oasis Project

Hope, C.

Columbia University


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A National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship: Using a One Health Approach

Thursky, K. A., Buising, K. L., Marshall, C. L., Browning, G. F., Stuart, R., Richards, M., Kong, D., Mazza, D. & Peel, T.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


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