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Chemical and social ecology of Australian Cycas

Gleadow, R., Bradley, J. & Lloyd, G.


Project: Research

FluCan 2020-2021 Season and COVID-19 2020 Season

Cheng, A.


Project: Research

The sociology of antibiotics and the antimicrobial resistance crisis

Davis, M., Warren, N., Hardefeldt, L., Buising, K. L., Thursky, K. A., Flowers, P. & Hoeyer, K.


Project: Research

Clinician-level quality of care reports- dealing with the complex issue of outliers

Kirkman, M., Evans, S., Heathcote, P., Fisher, J., Millar, J., Mark, S., Currow, D., Frydenberg, M. & Khadra, M. H.


Project: Research

Enhancing the Role of Military Gender Advisors

Lee-Koo, K., Gordon, E., Brown, S. & Wittwer, J.


Project: Research

Interoperability Across Distributed Ledgers

Yu, J.


Project: Research

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group, multicenter trial of CVL-865 as adjunctive therapy in adults with drug-resistant focal onset seizures (REALIZE TRIAL)

O'Brien, T., Perucca, P., Nikpour, A., Wijayath, M., D'Souza, W., Reutens, D. C., Carney, P., Somerville, E. R. & Berkovic, S. F.


Project: Research

Bone Loss Prevention with Zoledronic Acid or Denosumab in Critically Ill Women – A Randomised Controlled Trial (Bone Zone)

Orford, N., Center, J. R., Nair, P. V., Cooper, J., Hodgson, C., Kotowicz, M., Pasco, J., Bailey, M., Venkatesh, B. & Myburgh, J.


Project: Research

Discovering new drugs for epilepsy using personalised medicine

Kwan, P., Rollo, B., Langmead, C., Ayers, K. L. & Harris, A.


Project: Research

The TiNT Trial: A phase II clinical trial of trametinib in paediatric patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 associated progressive optic pathway gliomas

McCowage, G., Dodgshun, A., Payne, J. M., Barton , B. A., Dabscheck, G., Kinross, K., Strong, R. & Jones, J.


Project: Research

ICFP 2.7: Building an Encrypted and Searchable NoSQL Data Store

Yuan, X., Liu, J., Sakzad, A., Taniar, D., Zhang, J., Wen, S., Chen, C. & Zhou, R.


Project: Research

Gender in Jewish Institutions

Slucki, D., Forgasz, R., Elliott, K. & Silverstein, J.


Project: Research

LOLIPOP: The Long-term Outcomes of Lidocaine Infusions for persistent PostOperative Pain in patients undergoing breast surgery (LOLIPOP) Trial

Corcoran, T., Myles, P., Toner, A., Saunders, C., Forbes, A., Peyton, P., Leslie, K., Schug, S., Story, D. A. & Scott, D.


Project: Research

Stem cell-derived human tissue models for the identification of drugs to treat COVID-19

Lim, S., Subbarao , K., Porello, E., Elliott, D., Polo, J., Stewart, A., Vanslambrouck, J. & Baz, M.


Project: Research

Ivermectin as an anti-viral against SARS-CoV-2

Wagstaff, K., Jans, D., Druce, J., Caly, L. & Denholm, J. T.


Project: Research

The politics of (un)forgetting: Indonesia’s nativist decolonisation

Heryanto, A., Oostindie, G. & Purwanto, B.


Project: Research

Sodium Selenate as a Disease Modifying Treatment for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (Sodium Selenate for PSP)

O'Brien, T., Bertram, K., Vivash, L., Evans, A., Kimber, T. E., O'Sullivan, J. D., Malpas, C., Fielding, J., Velakoulis, D. & Law, M.


Project: Research

Using Polygenic Risk Scores to Target Statin Therapy in Primary Prevention

Nicholls, S., Semsarian, C., Wong, D., Zoungas, S., Ingles, J. & Nelson, A.


Project: Research