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Trilingual Dictionary Research Project

Abdul Hamid, H.


Project: Research

IKM in Indigenous cultural centres of the Pacific

de Villiers, A. M., Denison, T. F. & Faulkhead, S.


Project: Research

Specialized dietary intervention in human type 1 diabetes

Marino Moreno, E., Bell, K., Saad, S. & Hamilton-Williams, E. E.


Project: Research

ICU Nurse Allocation Project

Wallace, M. & Senthooran, I.


Project: Research

Stay Well: Analysing Lifestyle Data from Smart Monitoring Devices (ARC DP)

Phung, Q. D., Venkatesh, S. & Kumar, M.


Project: Research

DIAAMOND: Diagnosis of aplastic anaemia, management, and outcomes from a national dataset

Wood, E. M., Ting, S. B. N., McQuilten, Z., Szer, J., Hiwase, D. K., McNeil, J. J., Lacaze, P. A., Blombery, P., Mills, A., Heritier, S. R., Fox, L., Firkin, F. & Higgins, A.


Project: Research

Religious diversity in Australia: Strategies to maintain social cohesion

Ezzy, D., Bouma, G., Barton, G., Halafoff, A., Beaman, L. & Jackson, R.


Project: Research

Spatial Ecology of Pterodroma Petrels

Halpin, L. R. & Clarke, R. H.


Project: Research

Neural origins of conscious perception in no-report paradigms

Tsuchiya, N., Oizumi, M., Kawasaki, H. & Tononi, G.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Privacy-preserving add-on for EOS

Liu, K. S.


Project: Research

Mantle evolution and the origin of Earth's atmosphere

Kendrick, M. & Nebel, O.


Project: Research

Cost-effectiveness of tubal flushing

Mol, B. W. J.


Project: Research

Stage 2 - Hand Hygiene: Re-Design of Systems and Procedures

Armstrong, M. C., John, K. & Hinds, J.


Project: Research

Speaking of Buildings: Oral History in Architectural Research

Stead, N. J., Gosseye, J. & van der Plaat, D.


Project: Other

Lightboards everywhere

Turner, L. D., Anderson, R. P., Kaur, C., Angus, S., Leroux, A., McCormick, D., Sethi, A., Nichol, C., Parasnis, J., Halupka, V., Wordley, S. J., Li, J., Smith, T., Gibbs, J., Wyness, A., Fogg, Q., Schliephake, K., Beilby, K. H., McMenamin, P. G., Humfrey, D., Thompson, C. D., Macfarlan, B. M., Lasky, P. D., Vanderkruk, K. E. N. & Morton, S.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution


Project: Research