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Interventional Radiology registrar workshop project

Clements, W., Goh, G. & Joseph, T.


Project: Research

Cossacks in Jamaica, Ukraine at the Antipodes

Achilli, A., Yesypenko, D. & Yekelchyk, S.

Victor and Maria Rudewych


Project: Research

Road safety initiatives package evaluation

Cameron, M.


Project: Research

Gender, power and identity in the early modern Nassau family

Protschky, S., Broomhall, S., Van Gent, J. & Hohkamp, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

The Effectiveness of Health Impact Assessments conducted in Australia and New Zealand

Keleher, H., Baum, F., Harris, E., Harris, M., Harris-Roxas, B., Kemp, L., Spickett, J., Dannenberg, A., Morgan, R., Sukkumnoed, D. & Wendel, A.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Nucleolus targeting by negative strand RNA viruses

Moseley, G., Wang, L. & Lamond, A.


Project: Research

Context-Aware Recruitment Scheme for Opportunistic Mobile Crowdsensing.

Hassani, A., Ling, C., Delir Haghighi, P., Zaslavsky, A. B., Jayaraman, P. P. & Knight, K.

Project: Research

MATLAB - Statistical Toolbox

Kong, D., George, J., Nation, R. & Stewart, K.

Collier Charitable Fund


Project: Research

Lessons in Disaster

Spencer, C. & Archer, F.


Project: Research

Immediate Cooling and Emergency Decompression (ICED) for the treatment of spinal cord injury: pilot, safety and feasibility studies

Batchelor, P., Rosenfeld, J., Freeman, B. J. C., Dunlop, S., Bernard, S., Nunn, A., Middleton, J. M., Atresh, S. & Geraghty, T. J.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)


Project: Research

ANT-CRCP: Monolithic carbon as a functional component of electrolysers

Lee, J. H. D. & Chaffee, A.


Project: Research

Report on National Surveys of Mental health and Wellbeing Research

Meadows, G., Bobevski, I., Inder, B., Martin, P. & Patton, S.


Project: Research

Manipulation of graphene oxide in highly ordered lamellar liquid crystals

Tabor, R., Pottage, M. & McCoy, T. M.


Project: Research

Defining the Molecular Mechanisms of Lyssavirus Replication and Immune Evasion: the P protein Axis

Moseley, G., Gooley, P. R., Williams, S. J. & Bourhy, H.


Project: Research

Carbon Fibres from Victorian Brown Coal

Chaffee, A. & Naebe, M.


Project: Research

High-accuracy spectroscopy under extreme conditions: combining novel synchrotron and laboratory-based spectroscopy

Bond, A., Best, S., Brugger, J., Chantler, C., Gerson, A., McNaughton, D., Mulvaney, P., O'Neill, B., Spiccia, L., Lamb, R. N., Liu, W. & Ryan, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Cochrane Musculoskeletal Editorial Base

Buchbinder, R., O'Connor, D., Johnston, R. & Winzenberg, T. M.


Project: Research

Review of recent Australian disaster inquiries

Salmon, P., Archer, F., Goode, N., McClure, R. & Spencer, C.


Project: Research

Indonesia's Postcolonialism: Absent, Misrecognised or Suppressed?

Heryanto, A.


Project: Research

Data 61 Projects - Umbrella Agreement

Turner, A., Huntington, E., Hodgson, P., Charchar, F., Pankhurst, N., Nugent, K., Pretorius, S., Cornish, E., Sharma, A., Drummond, C., Subic, A., Brooks, M., Sullivan, L., Maskell, D., Hall, K., Krishnamurthy, M., Lloyd, D., De Marco, R., Spence, M., Heywood, B., Brungs, A., Holmes, S., Raper, J. & Knight, K.


Project: Research

GRIP II: Axieo - Novel surfactants for carbon dioxide

Kelleppan, V., Tabor, R., Wilkinson, B. & Pearson, G.


Project: Research